Monthly Archives: January 2009

Bounty of the Sea

I improvised another soup last night and OMG, it turned out sooooooo good. Rich and tomato-ey and the seafood was cooked perfectly.


Vegetable Soup

I’ve still got leftovers from when my brother came over to cook. This pureed vegetable soup starts with a mirepoix.

Free lunch

I took the day off to do a photo shoot for Our Neighbourhood Magazine today. The Gladstone was having a neighbourhood luncheon for area businesses and organizations to meet each other and do some networking.

Brown(ie) Girl

Who doesn’t love brownies? With the recent post-holiday dearth of sweets in the house, I stopped by my corner coffee chain in the hopes of picking up one of their very good peanut butter cookies.


I love bagels. In all their forms. Even the non-Montreal kind. These are my two favourite ways to eat them.The way they toast up is just soooo good. I do love a good crispy/chewy combo.