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I took my last $15 to the Metro today and stocked up on some proteins. I got myself some bay scallops, a fillet of orange roughy and some quick-fry eye of round steaks. I also picked up a jar of salsa and a red pepper. With these and some items from the pantry, I’ll be able to get through the week.

First up, the scallops. I marinated them for about half an hour in a mix of salsa, Turban brand seasoning and tequila. While it was soaking up the flavours, I finely diced half the red pepper and a slice of a very large onion, which yielded about ¾ C of vegetables. I also put on 1-½ C of rice to cook in about a 2:1 blend of  water and vegetable stock.

I sautéed the vegetables  for a couple of minutes, just until they started to get tender. At this point, I added about ¼ C of frozen corn and cooked the veg for another minute or two, then removed from the pan and set aside.

Then I spooned the scallops into the pan and sautéed them until cooked through, then removed those from the pan and set them aside. Lastly, I poured the marinating liquid into the same pan and reduced it over medium-high heat until it started to thicken.

By this time, the rice was done cooking and the vegetable mixture was folded into it. To serve I put my faux spanish rice in a bowl and spooned the scallops on top, finishing by pouring the sauce over all of that.

¡Qué rico!

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    I’m also on my last few dollars, these recipes sound like a great idea.

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