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pig roast

While my friend and I were walking to to get a sushi dinner, we came across this scene at College & Landsdowne. For those of you not in Toronto, this isn’t exactly a happening area, so something like a whole roast pig coming out of an empty storefront is cause for pause.

Actually, it would be cause for pause anywhere. And am I ever glad we paused. There was no occasion. These gentlemen just had a whole pig and decided to slow roast it in a half oil drum over blazing coals, then share it with the neighbourhood. God bless the Portuguese. Right off the spit, it was amazingly delicious! Succulent and tender, it tasted like it had been marinating in spices for days.

I love this town.

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    I bet that roasted pig is delicious! I wish they would make roasted pig like this to eat all the time in the streets. I bet they do in parts of Spain.

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