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La Dulce Vida

The other day, Chef Rossy said she was bringing me a treat. And what a treat it is! Her home-made dulce de leche.


Holy Krowy!

While chatting about food with my coworker the other day, she asked, “Have you ever had cow candy?” Well, of course I hadn’t, but from the look on her face I knew I had to try it.

Afternoon Delights

The best thing about having friends and family who travel is they bring me back foods that aren’t available here. It’s also the worst thing.

Taking a Dip

When I got the invitation to Thanksgiving supper at my friend Glenn’s place, I fully expected this post to be about the usual turkey and sides. That was before the consumption of wine, a chocolate fountain, and a diabolical suggestion.

Daim That’s Good!

My boss has a big plastic molar on her desk where she keeps a rotating selection of candies. That’s right, it’s a sweet tooth.