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Tawse Terroir Trip

Last week, I got to attend a blogger trip to Tawse Winery in Niagara to learn about how the winery employs terroir and biodynamic techniques and philosophies to make some great wines.


Beerology 101

Slowly but surely, my list of drinkable beers is growing. New to the list – porters.

Exploring Local Wines

I got a few friends together to try out three examples of Ontario wines to see how they stand up as “party wines”.

Hip Hops

I have a summer project. Since I was having some success overcoming my distaste for white wines, I decided it was time to take on my long-time palate nemesis – beer.

Hot Tipples

The last couple of days, I’ve been holed up, hiding out from the minus 20-something wind chills. What can be a greater comfort against these trials than a warming cup of cocoa?