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Rising Chef Challenge

I really am a lucky girl. Thanks to Calphalon’s Executive Chef, Susie Reading, and my friend Brian, on Monday night, I had the good fortune to attend their Rising Chef Challenge.


Ciudad Love

Tucked away in a strip mall in the Uptown neighbourhood of Chicago is a little gem of a taquería – La Ciudad.


Earlier this month, thanks to Pronosher, I got to attend two events in the Salut Wine & Food Festival. The first was the Fetzer Great Beginnings Appetizer Challenge.

Ceviche Smackdown!

The lounge was rammed at the Drake Hotel tonight for the Sustainable Ceviche Smackdown edition of 86’d. Who knew the public was hankering so hard for fish cooked in citric acid?

Happy Hour

Tonight, I met up with a bunch of twitter folks for $1 oysters at Biff’s Bistro. Much good food and wine were consumed.