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La Dulce Vida

The other day, Chef Rossy said she was bringing me a treat. And what a treat it is! Her home-made dulce de leche.


Bubbies’ Balls

I visited Caplansky’s Deli yesterday for the first round of Battle of the Bubbies.

A Different Spice Cake

Have I mentioned how much I love working with bakers? Lisa came by my desk yesterday with a chocolate cupcake. But it was no regular chocolate.

Mangoes Make Me Homesick

A few days ago, Sarah Hood put out feelers on Twitter to see if anyone would be interested in a mango tasting. After the lovely apple tasting I participated in a few months back, I immediately jumped on board. Besides, you offer mango to this island girl, you’ll hear nothing but yes.

Bacon Makes It Better

Ever since making a trip to Buster Rhino’s for a maple cured bacon tasting, I’ve been of a mind to make a meatloaf. Because what’s better than a meatloaf topped with bacon?